Our Vision

The Seneca-Babcock Community Association will create a safe, vibrant environment where people are supported to be healthy, knowledgeable, independent, productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Our Mission

The Seneca-Babcock Community Association is committed to developing and enhancing the quality of life for residents of the Seneca-Babcock, Lovejoy and Schiller Park communies, including at-risk youth, adults, families and seniors. Our goal is to deliver a strong sense of empowerment through participation in education, economic, social and health related programs.

Core Values

(1) Providing opportunities to develop positive relationships. 

(2) Affording a safe space that offers structured activities. 

(3) Welcoming and valuing people of all ages and abilities. 

(4) Representing a spirit of collaboration.

Board of Directors

Nancy Kelly - President 

Dr. Richard Quinn - Vice President 

Sharon Forant - Secretary 

Todd Cudney - SGT at Arms 

Mike Marszalek - Treasurer 

Dr. Dan Alexander 

Dr. Dave Cywinski 

Marian Delaney 

Robert Delaney 

Wayne Howard 

Debbi Marshall 

Chris Reichmuth 

Marie Reichmuth 

John Talty

Key Staff

Brian Pilarski - Executive Director

Rita Carluccio - Site Director at Seneca-Babcock

Margaret Bogucki - Senior Services Coordinator at Seneca-Babcock

Barb Victori - Senior Nutrition at Seneca-Babcock

Jacklyn Green - Youth Nutrition at Seneca-Babcock

Carol Sylvia - Arts Coordinator at Seneca-Babcock

Mark Herr - GED/TASC at Seneca-Babcock and Hennepin

Debbie Burr - Senior Activities at Hennepin

Robin Jung - Senior Nutrition at Hennepin

Jennifer Pilarski - Childcare Director at Hennepin

Jacklyn Bogucki - Childcare Teacher at Hennepin

Cheryl Buttino - Senior Coordinator at Schiller Park

Antanio Stabler - Senior Transpertation Coordinator at Schiller Park

Ann Lockes - Senior Activities Coordinator at Schiller Park

Tania Anderson - Senior Case Manager at Schiller Park

Luvena Moore - Senior Case Manager at Schiller Park

William Cobb - Senior Case Manager at Schiller Park

Rebbecca Cooney - Senior Case Manager at Schiller Park

Barbara Huff - Senior Case Manager at Schiller Park

Funders and Partners

New York State, County of Erie, City of Buffalo, United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, John R. Oishei Foundation, General Mills Foundation, Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation, Cullen Foundation, Margaret Wendt Foundation, Buffalo Sabres Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo, Mayor Byron Brown, Councilman Richard Fontana, Garman Family Foundation, and Mr. Roger Hungerford