Childcare Services

Our whole-child approach will expose your child to many new concepts and opportunities. Your child will experience emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth during their stay with us! Our goal is to provide your child with the early childhood education they will need to become confident adults and lifelong learners!  

Call 716-436-4519 now to secure a spot at Hennepin Hears A Who! Child Care Center in Buffalo, NY, or to schedule a visit to our location! Our spaces are always filling up quickly, and we would love to have your child in our next class!

Our Classrooms

Children are grouped according to age and developmental maturity into three groups: infants (6 weeks - 18 months), toddlers (18 - 36 months), mixced-age preschool (3-5 years old).  

Each classroom has assigned teaching staff who have primary responsibility for that group of children. These teachers provide ongoing personal contact, meaningful learning activities, supervision and immediate care as needed to protect children’s well-being. Children stay with the same set of teachers until they move to the next age group. This allows time for relationships to develop and provides a sense of continuity for the children.  

When it is time for children to move to the next age group, families are notified of the upcoming move before it happens. Children spend a transition period, the length of which may vary according to age, visiting their classroom; gradually increasing the amount of time they spend each day in the new classroom.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum resulting from these guidelines is multifaceted, providing opportunities for the development of social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills, and perceptual and cognitive readiness. Sound health and nutritional practices are emphasized. Safety is stressed. Through teacher/child interactions, children learn language and problem-solving skills. Children are offered a program rich in assorted activities. Choices alternate between quiet and active play, both indoors and out to keep the children stimulated, interested and relaxed.

Field Trips

Field trips are a fun and exciting tool we use to enhance some of our themes. We will take trips such as, the farm, the bakery, Explore & More, etc. We are always happy for you to join on any trip! In addition to venturing out to celebrate certain themes, we often have visitors come to our Center to entertain your child. We have professional storytellers, magicians, clowns, reptile shows, and many other guests throughout the year!


Your child will receive a morning snack and an afternoon snack. For lunch, they will be served a yummy hot meal. We follow the menu you will receive at registration. Our meals are approved by our licensed nutritionist and the USDA. Due to numerous SEVERE allergies, Hennepin Hears A Who! is a peanut-free facility.

Outdoor Play

Your child will venture out on neighborhood walks with their class. Also, our building is equipped with an outdoor playground that is sure to keep your child active and having lots of fun! We will try to have your child outside at least once per day. This, however, does not apply when the weather is too hot or too cold. Please be sure to always send your child with adequate outdoor clothing.