1168 Seneca Street, Buffalo, New York 14210, United States


Seneca-Babcock Community Association

Welcome to the Seneca-Babcock Community Association, Inc.

About Us


The Seneca-Babcock Community Association, Inc. is committed to developing and enhancing the quality of life for residents of the Lovejoy district, including at-risk youth, adults, families and seniors. Our goal is to deliver a strong sense of empowerment through participation in education, economic, social and health related programs.


We envision Seneca-Babcock and the surrounding neighborhoods to continue as a thriving community with a proud history, where people are informed, connected, engaged, and empowered to shape their future. To realize this vision, the Seneca-Babcock Community Association serves  as the growing comprehensive transitional aged youth center in Buffalo, where youth and young adults learn together and become change agents for the community.


  1. Focus: working with historically underserved, promising youth, adults and senior citizens
  2. Integrity: keeping our promise to youth, young adults, senior citizens and the community
  3. Collaboration: working together to solve problems in our community 
  4. Accountability: being responsive to youth, young adults, senior citizens, their families and the community
  5. Leadership Development: being community driven and developing future leaders
  6. Relevance: being culturally relevant and using best practices to serve the community
  7. Sustainability: strong leadership, capable staff, quality programs and abundant resources