Senior Services

The Seneca-Babcock Community Association is committed to the development of programs and services to address the unique needs of our Senior Citizens. This commitment is rooted in recognition of the significant contributions in which Senior Citizens have made to the community.

Case Management

Case managers visit the elderly in their homes to help they and their family members assess the situation and determine what services might be helpful. Case managers are our staff who help you find the right answers, are knowledgeable about resources regarding all aspects of aging, they help sort though all possible options and will help apply for benefits and locate services in the community. Home care, day care, weatherization, home-delivered meals, and financial benefits are just some of the wide range of services available.  For more information about Case Management, call (716) 858-8526. It is offered by Erie County Senior Services at no cost to clients and is the gateway to services that can support older people and their families who may be assisting in care.


As a service to older adults (aged 60+) in Erie County, in collaboration with Erie County, the Department of Senior Services offers the Going Places Transportation Program.  The curb-to-curb van service is available to seniors who are unable to use conventional means of transportation. Call (716) 858-RIDE or (716) 858-7433 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.


The Seneca-Babcock Community Association welcomes you to our Stay Fit Dining - serving hot, nutritious, delicious meals, Monday through Friday at 12:00pm. You or your spouse must be 60 years of age or older and the suggested confidential contribution is $3.00, but no one will ever be denied a meal if they are unable to contribute. Advance reservations are required so please call (716) 822-5094.


Our Senior Program provides a wide variety of recreation and leisure activities for seniors, ages 55 years and older, at the Seneca-Babcock, Hennepin and Schiller Park community centers. Activities include specialty and creative craft classes, fitness and walking clubs, cultural events, field trips, and senior forums. Seniors may also participate in craft exhibitions, computer classes, fashion shows, special holiday events, Senior Olympics competition, and sports programs. Most programming is FREE unless otherwise indicated. Field trips and certain programs may require a minimum fee or request that participants provide their own materials.

Field Trips

Our trips provide low-cost, yet quality Group Day Trips, Multi-day Trips and Cruises for our Senior Citizens. Explore the exciting world in and beyond Buffalo. Our trips and excursions are excellent opportunities to meet new people and have fun with those you know. The Center offers van, bus and overnight excursion trips.